Dawn Clow is an ‘Equine Body Worker’ and provides soft tissue therapy services and a holistic approach towards the wellbeing of equine athletes.

Dawn is the holistic eyes that links in to and strengthen your horses support team of professionals, by providing a skilful assessment of your horse’s muscular fitness.

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Her extensive knowledge and experience shares good practice and provides joined up thinking to enable her hands to facilitate a preventative, supportive or rehabilitative muscular treatment.

She has the expertise, knowledge and experience of working with horses from a variety of disciplines over the past 25 years. As an Equine Body Worker she can work side by side with you and your horse or pony as and when appropriate.

Dawn Clow is qualified to provide an informed analysis of musculoskeletal problems in horses, and to utilize Sports Massage techniques that incorporate ‘Myo-Fascial Release’ in which she has specialised as a soft tissue modality.

In addition she is qualified in saddle fitting and farrier science, this knowledge and experience enables the facilitation of a coherent strategic treatment alongside your farrier and trainer.

As a qualified ‘ Equine Aromatherapist’ and practiced Energy Worker she can target with the aid of nature’s pharmacy and universal energy both physical and emotional issues as and when appropriate to your equines needs.

A healthy horse needs to be a balanced horse. The horse as an athlete needs to enable itself to coordinate its joints and muscles to facilitate its gaits and therefore its movements. As a trainer would retrain the horse to perform to his best within its required equine disciplines, Dawn retrains the horse’s muscles to perform to their best.

Her main focus is equine performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation, providing hands-on therapeutic services.



Dawns Services

Dawns Services

A comprehensive Equine Body Work Service that incorporates a range of soft tissue modalities.

Kinesio-Taping a means of inhibiting and facilitating muscular action and strengthening lymphatic drainage if required.

Aromatherapy applications for both the physical and emotional symptoms and their healing.

Saddle Fitting muscular assessments, templates and adjustments.

Energy Work.



Dawns Products

Dawns Products

Products created for clients interested in enhancing the well-being of their equine partners using nature’s pharmacy.

A range of handmade bespoke solid shampoo bars and lotions under the company name HORSELISTIC the range incorporates Dawns knowledge of essential oils with natural base ingredients.

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Dawns Articles

Dawns Articles

A developing resource library of articles gathered from leading experts from across the globe on horse care and welfare and training. A useful equine educational research bank.

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“Hi Dawn, Just a note regarding your shampoo bar. I bought it for my pony who suffers with sweet itch quite badly and has to wear a rug 24/7. I bought the sweet itch bar and its great! My pony has very sensitive skin and I use this shampoo everyday in the warm weather to remove his stable stains and keep him clean so as not to attract as many flies. Its fantastic, it gets rid of the stains and is very easy to rinse out and doesn't leave a nasty residue.“

-Steph Marshall Cricket Hill Farm Gildersome Leeds LS27


“WOW I think I have found a miracle cure for sweet itch thanks to my good friend Dawn. I bought my new pony in Feb this year when I bought him I was told he did rub in the summer months...“

-G Oliver Sykers FarmLivery Carrside Epworth DN9


“Dawn has been part of our team for this season keeping 'In To Win' in great physical shape both before and after his runs. I feel massage has been beneficial to him as he has been tight in muscular areas because of the nature of point to point racing.“

-Alison Christmas Point to Pointers Silkstone Common, Barnsley S75


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